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Low-income Apartments in New Jersey

Low-income apartments, also known as affordable housing, are apartments for low-income people or families. When low-cost accommodation is easily accessible, further options for individuals at all income classes become available. When more funds are available for investing in a community, long-term reform will take hold. So then Low-income apartments have several benefits. However, if you want to find low-income apartments in New Jersey, you can take help from non-profit organizations along with HUD apartments, public housing apartments, public housing authorities, and housing assistance agencies.

To begin with, some of the most common low-income apartments in New Jersey are as follows.

Clayton Mill Run

Location: 600 Rose Hill Drive Absecon, NJ – 08201

Price range: $400 – $1250

Accordingly, Clayton Mill Run is a complex that qualifies for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. Such low-income rental apartments are funded by the LIHTC and have the applicable program rent and income limits if you search for the right and low housing alternative. Therefore, the LIHTC encourages architects and developers to provide low-income people with affordable housing. The overall rent of such apartments is calculated using the AMI (Area Median Income). Hence you can find low-income one, two, and three-bedroom apartments.

B’nai B’rith Chesilhurst House

Location: 124 White Horse Pike, Chesilhurst, NJ – 08089

Price range: $149 – $149

Next, B’nai B’rith Chesilhurt is a federally funded low-income apartment for the elderly. As described by HUD, all eligible persons are welcome to apply for B’nai B’rith senior housing, regardless of ethnicity, color, faith, sex, handicap, or national origin.

St Peter’s Senior Housing

Location: 25 Black Horse Pike, Pleasantville, NJ – 08232

Price range: Adjustable rent in Dollars

St Peter’s Senior Housing is a 6 story and 74-unit apartment complex for seniors aged 62 and above. To begin with, St Peter’s Senior Housing combines low- to moderate-income families with high-quality, low-income housing. For all those who apply, rent is subsidized.

Atlantic City Housing Authority

Location: 227 N Vermont Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ – 08401

Price range: $585 – $800

The Atlantic City Housing Authority manages services like Low Rent Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Initiative – Section 8 to help low-income families find housing. HUD sets the qualifying criteria for such plans, which are dependent on income. However, there are waiting lists for leases or vouchers, but sometimes they may close to the new applications depending on the duration and period of the wait.  Suppose you need income support in the area. In that case, you can contact the Housing Authority directly for further information on eligibility criteria, rent or vouchers availability, waiting list status, and application processes.

Carney’s Point Village Arms Apartments

Location: 311 Shell Rd, Carneys Point, NJ – 08069

Price range: $755

Seniors can find low-cost apartments at Carney’s Point. For those who apply, the rent is subsidized by the state. For complete information on suitability criteria, rental rates, and whole application processes for these apartments, contact Carney’s Point by phone or visiting them.

Heritage Village at Bloomfield

Location: 390 Franklin Street, Bloomfield, NJ – 07003

Price range: $600 – $1100

Heritage Village at Bloomfield is a Bloomfield, NJ Low-Income Housing Tax Credit apartment. Such rental apartments are subsidized by the LIHTC and have reasonable policy rent and income restrictions if you search for a good housing alternative.  Check out the current rental prices and see if this is something you can handle. Here you can find low-cost one and two-bedroom apartments.

The Clare Estate

Location: 201 Crosswicks Street, Bordentown, NJ – 08505

Price range: $115 – $115

The Clare Estate is a Bordentown, NJ Low-Income Housing Tax Credit residence. The LIHTC sponsors these types of rental apartments. Thus, check out the current rental prices and see if this is affordable for you according to your low income or not. This location has approximately 137 low-income apartments.

Mravlag Manor

Location: 688 Maple Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ – 07202

Price range: $200 – $1000

Mravlag Manor is a complex of 421 apartments in 15 three-story buildings in the city’s Bayway section. These are the apartments for families. Namely, a modern heating system, fire alarms, strategic infrastructure enhancements, and kitchens are only a few of the physical modifications that are made in today’s times.

Westminster Heights

Location: 420 Irvington Ave, Elizabeth, NJ – 07208

Price range: $207 – $1200

Similarly, Westminster Heights is an apartment that qualifies for the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. The LIHTC fully supports rental apartments. For low-income people, they have a specifically applicable policy rent and income restrictions. The Area Median Income is used to determine the overall rent that can be paid. Hence, take a look at the current rental prices. Particularly, here you can find 84 low-income one and two-bedroom apartments.

David F. Roche Apartments

Location: 2 Aladdin Avenue, Dumont, NJ – 07628

Price range: $233 – $1200

The David F. Roche Apartments offer low-income residents quality accommodation, having 99 one-bedroom apartments. Likewise, it is a Public Housing Building.

Asbury Park Housing Authority

Location: 1000 1/2 3rd Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ – 07712

Price range: $240 – $550

Finally, the Asbury Park Housing Authority handles programs like Low Rent Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Initiative – Section 8 to help low-income families find a place to live. So then HUD sets a specific qualifying criterion, which is based on a person’s income.


The list of these low-income apartments in New Jersey is very long. But the apartments mentioned above are the best for low-income people in NJ. Therefore, do promote low-income apartment projects as they contribute to the community’s overall well-being. They offer affordable and secure homes to help low-income families better their living conditions. However, if you are looking for mortgage options for your new apartment, contact Aceland mortgage for expert opinion and guidance.

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